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  The Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association of Gwinnett provides graduates of the Gwinnett Citizens Police Academy (CPA) the opportunity to stay involved and help continue to promote a better understanding and improved community relationship with the Gwinnett County Police Department.Some of the benefits of Alumni Association membership are:

  • Continued training opportunities
  • Become a member of the CPAAAG Search Team  
  • Interaction and support of the Police Department and the officers
  • Participation with Police Academy recruit training (DUI practicals, etc.)
  • Site visits to various Gwinnett County facilities (jail, Justice Center, Corrections, etc.)
  • Networking with like minded citizens  

Alumni Association membership is available to any graduate of the Gwinnett County Police Department Citizen's Police Academy program who wants to stay involved and continue their education and relationships with fellow academy alumni and officers.  We encourage you to join and grow from the experience of being a part of the CPAAAG team!  

John Clark President 

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The CPAAAG is a group of Gwinnett County Police CPA graduates who want to learn more , and do more, to advocate for the Gwinnett County Police in particular and for law enforcement in general.  Our format is one of learning, volunteering and giving back to the police officers who give so much to their community

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