What is the Citizens Police Academy?


The CPA is designed to educate citizens of Gwinnett about their police department and how officers enforce local and state laws. The goal of the CPA is to create and develop a growing nucleus of responsible, well informed citizens, who have the potential to influence public opinion concerning police practices and the delivery of services.

Participants in the CPA come from all walks of life; recent college graduates to senior citizens, novelists to IRS investigators to computer analysts.

Have you ever asked yourself one or more of these questions?

  • What do officers do all day besides writing tickets?
  • Why do officers make the decisions they make?
  • How is the police department organized and operated?
  • What kind of training do our police officers receive?
  • What kind of resources are provided to our police officers to fight crime?
  • How safe is my community?
  • How can I contribute to public awareness and police community relations?
  • How can my community benefit from knowing the answers to these questions?

The CPA training consists of both classroom and practical application courses over nine weeks (two classes per week).  Classes are held in the evenings at the Gwinnett Police Training Complex.  

The CPA is open to all Gwinnett County residents, eighteen years of age or older, who successfully pass the application process and a driver's and criminal history check.

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Citizens Police Academy Alumnus?


Are you a Gwinnett CPA alumnus and not a member of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association of Gwinnett? 

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